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Minisode 18: Advice Columns THREETURNS // For Chris Long's last minisode as a guest, we got back to some of our favourite advice columns and pick the weirdest letters to try to respond. Enjoy!

The Sam Who's Not Scared // Sam wants to find out how to not be nervous in front of people, so he looks for an expert...

Minisode 17: Being Funny // Sam looks at the origin of Peekaboo and tries to figure out what is funny and how can anyone be funny on purpose?

Public Libraries // Valerie takes us on an exploration of public libraries and finds out their role in a community, specially during times of political turmoil.

Minisode 16: Fairies // Erin tells us about the folklore and myth behind fairies, as well as some of the darker stories from when belief on them took things too far.

Guest Becky Carnaffin // Writer Becky Carnaffin comes along to read us a short story, discuss writing, Scottish myths and all the different aspects of the work she does! Find her on twitter: @BeckyCarnaffin

Minisode 15: Fandom // Valerie tells us all about Fandoms and fan-fiction, and we even come up with some crossover ideas of our own!

Bathing in Japan // This week Erin finds out more about bath houses in Japan and the culture surrounding them!

Minisode 14: Fenn Treasure Hunt w/ Chris Long // Our guest Chris Long tells us all about the Fenn Treasure Hunt, rumoured to lead to a fortune left by an eccentric billionaire.

Who Builds Christchurch? // Sam talks about the 2010/11 Christchurch earthquakes and the rebuild since they happened. We discuss some of the different approaches to rebuilding entire cities.

Minisode 13: Advice Columns RETURNS // In our last episode with guest Laura Hope, we go back to a popular episode and answer some more letters from advice columns!

NaNoWriMo // Valerie documents the journey of different writers going through NaNoWriMo, in which they write an entire novel in one month!

Minisode 12: Kinnaird Head Lighthouse // Erin tells us about the history of the Kinnaird Head Lighthouse and it's unlikely bring story! Our guest Laura Hope sits in for some banter.

The Beans LIVE pt.2 // On our second and last LIVE special we speak to Chris about how Alien 3 is not as bad as people think AND Shady who brings us the Wikipedia Page for 'Common Misconceptions'!


Minisode 11: Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits // Sam tries to tell a story of a song we all seem to know and learn some piano, all in one episode!

The Beans LIVE pt.1 // On the first of two holiday specials, we host a wee party and interview two guests, giving each five minutes to tells about something they are passionate about! Today's guests are @jennifermjones and @LadyGavGav.

Minisode 10: Wrangle Island w/ Laura Hope // Special guest Laura Hope tells us about Wrangel Island, in the Arctic Ocean, which has curious stories of expeditions, rescues and mysterious sightings! We hear about Ada Blackjack, the only survivor of one of the expeditions to the Island!

Sex Robots // Intrigued by increasing media coverage of the development of realistic 'female' sex robots, Erin speaks to medical humanities researcher Dr Anna MacFarlane to see if depictions of similar robots in science fiction can shed some light on why people are simultaneously fascinated and terrified by the idea of sex robots.

Minisode 9: (Don't) Be The Alpha // Valerie tries to be the alpha (of pointing out fallacies…?) She takes aim at misconceptions about wolves!

Doomsday Clock // This week, Sam speak to Dr. Rachel Bronson manages the Doomsday Clock! We talk about the threat of nuclear war, how the clock was conceived and what we can do from now!

Minisode 8: TV Finales // Sam talks about TV shows and their finales, going through a list of the weirdest ones! We make a special stop at Lost and discuss the way they decided to end that whole thing...

Bedroom in Alcatraz // It's that time of the month when we discuss someone else's work on the show! On today's podcast we have a look at Elisa Gabbert's piece; 'Bedroom in Alcatraz', which discusses the uncanny parallels between Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles and a diagram of a prison cell in Alcatraz. You can read the article here:

Minisode 7: Bioluminescence // Erin gets inspired by childhood memories of a special museum display and explores the strange ability of some sea creatures to make their own light, as well as a look at a few of the ways humans have made use of this.

A VR Future

Minisode 6: KFC & Colonel Sanders // Ryan McLeod from the podcast Creative Chit Chat Dundee tells us the history of KFC and Colonel Sanders! You can find his pod on

Common Riding // Erin tells us all about the Common Riding and the shaping of this Scottish tradition! Thanks to @EttrickValley for the photo!

Minisode 5: Saturn Love // On this minisode Valerie talks about the Cassini–Huygens, a probe on a mission to reach Saturn! Have a look at some of the Cassini images on this excellent piece:…aturn-images.html

Biased // This week Sam is thinking about his bias. He speaks to artist Miriam Mallalieu who has explored Encyclopedia Britannica and its bias, on a recent piece. Also, tune in to hear Sam saying 'breakfast' instead of 'brexit'. You can check Miriam's work, here:…Structured-2017

Minisode 4: Advice Columns // In this minisode we have some fun reading advice columns!

Guest David Robertson // Once a month we bring a guest into the studio hear stories from them about their work! This month it is maker of comics; DAVID ROBERTSON!
Here are a couple of links where you can explore his work:

Minisode 3: Futurist Dinners // Erin plans a dinner party inspired by the Futurist art movement’s strange ideas about food and the experience of eating.

Finding the Two // How we experience love varies from person to person, and not everyone wants the same thing. In this episode, Valerie interviews two polyamorous friends to ask about their experiences, and how those experiences have shaped their views.

Minisode 2: Ann Rule & Ted Bundy // After reading The Stranger Beside Me, Sam tells the story of crime writer Ann Rule and her close relationship with infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy.

Monsters Are Us // In the run-up to Halloween, Erin explores the story of Mary Shelley’s connection to Dundee and soon finds out, with the help of Dundee University's Eddie Small, that ghosts and monsters might be closer to us than we'd like to think.

Minisode 1: Survivorship Bias // In our first ever minisode, Valerie takes the opportunity to gripe about survivorship bias, and how often we let our views be coloured by it.

Swipe Left // On the very first episode of The Beans Podcast, Sam wants to figure out how to be convincing in an argument. He speaks to the creators of the Tinder Bot who helped Labour get elected, Yara Rodrigues Fowler (@yazzarf) and Charlotte Goodman (@charlgoodman).